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The firm is specialized in modelling and productions of man’s and woman’s jackets, suits, vest, overcoats, trousers and formal attire.

We can also make garments entirely by hand, and offer a made to measure garment.
Our customer have at their disposal our expert advice about the best possible model, fit, and fabric when deciding on a made to measure garment.
A made to measure garment will allow us to respect a customer personal taste as well as offer him imput on the lates fashions.
The beauty of this is that they will feel confortable as well as in style.
Customer can create their own garment by choosing the combinations of linings buttons, stiching or even modify things like the inside pockets for the sunglasses, I-pods, pens or mobile phones.
We manufacture a canvas garment in the old traditional Italian manner.
The making and the accessories are exclusively “Made in Italy”.
The service is offered for jackets, vest, coats, trousers and Cerimonial Wear.